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My favorite bunny ears ring. 

Souvenirs from The Line Hotel in Los Angeles, friends and family night in December. 

Photo of me by Faye. 

Paris souvenir, polaroid of Audrey. 

Lighting sparklers with Mariell and Jostein in London…just because. 

Photos of my by @hjartesmil in London last month. She is so sly, I don’t even remember her taking a single pic of me. 

Good old times. 

Me and Mr. Cooper at a party last year. From Audrey’s disposable. 

That time we randomly ended up with free tickets to Disneyland Paris, and went in the middle of winter. From Audrey’s disposable. 

Photo of me by my sister in Peru. 

Photo of me by my sister in Peru. 

Photo by my sister (aka these colours) of me in Peru. 

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Easy afternoon -

Making magique in the tub with Mermaid Shampoo -

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